b'MUSTARDIAW 2020 MUSTARDIAW 2020TECH DECOR STATIONERY FOOD COLLECTIONSStay Sharp, Keep CoolCATUS DESK ORGANISERCalming and quirky, our Cactus collection takes inspiration from 2 5nature for a chilled out vibe.A succulent way to nail a trend.13 5 41M16088PEN POTINNER / OUTER6/242 34 5LAUNCH DATE2017 M16098 M11018 M16094C M16092CACTUS PEN AUDIO SPLITTER PAGE MARKERS STICKY NOTESINNER / OUTER12/96 INNER / OUTER6/48 INNER / OUTER12/120 INNER / OUTER6/48 LAUNCH DATE2017 LAUNCH DATE2017 LAUNCH DATE2017PAGE54 PAGE55'