Stack ‘Em Up This Summer

Mustard Wink Snack Boxes

With this great British heatwave blazing down on us, it’s practically criminal to not make the most of the good weather. Just as on the weekdays pub gardens are filled with merry workers looking to enjoy a G&T in the sun, at the weekend parks are bursting with groups of friends having picnics, BBQs and drinks.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy some alfresco dining (bottle of Pimms essential, obviously), but are searching for a stylish yet practical way to carry your snacks, why not use our Wink Snack Boxes. Bold, punchy and colourful, they’re just the thing to see you through your summer snacking.

The more food the merrier

When you’re picnicking there are several important decisions that you need to consider, one of which is sausage rolls or scotch eggs (substitute with vegetarian and vegan variations as applicable).

But why should you need to choose? Aren’t us millennials supposed to be able to have it all (minus being able to afford avocados and a house)?

Our Wink Snack Boxes mean that your stomach will never have to make a tough decision again. Coming in four different sizes that can fit a myriad of different snacks and treats, there’s no need to sacrifice either sausage rolls or scotch eggs. Have both. Happy days.

Wink Snack Boxes from
Wink Snack Boxes from

Stack ‘em up

As you’ve got older you’ve come to realise that storage space is in slim supply. Put one packet of pasta in your larder and all you’re left with is room for a singular pot of paprika. Yep, adulting sucks.

Thankfully, our Wink Snack Boxes are just the thing if your cupboard space is somewhat lacking. Stacking inside each other like Russian Dolls, they’re a simple and fuss-free way of making the best of a poky cubbyhole.

Pimp your office lunch

And if you don’t just want to use our Snack Boxes on your days off (it would be a shame to hide them away), they’re also perfect for work lunches.

Coming in four bold designs, these Snack Boxes are stylish, playful and will certainly be the stand out addition in the office fridge. To really turn your colleagues’ heads, you can also pair them with our Wink Travel Mug.

So, if fancy spicing up your Tupperware, you can stock up on our Wink Snack Boxes here.

Live happy. Be bold.

Wink Snack Boxes from
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