3 Stationery Sets That Are Bringing Sexy Back

3 Stationery Set That Are Bringing Sexy Back

When it comes to socks, earrings and stationery, matching is always better. Able to make you feel like you have your life together even if you’re three months behind on your electricity bill, matching sets are the epitome of “sorted”. And really, who doesn’t want to be “sorted”?

While you’re on your own when it comes to choosing a matching pair of socks each morning (we know it’s not always as easy as it seems), we can help with the matching stationery set part.

So, if you fancy walking into work and laying out a bold stationery set guaranteed to turn heads, here are three options that will make it seem like you have “sorted” written across your forehead.

A stand out stationery set

Adding the playfulness to fashion, our Wink collection includes cheeky and on-trend products to give your desk the edge.

From our lip-shaped Sticky Notes, to our grid-dot Notebook, Page Markers, Pencil Case and Weekly Planner (which comes with two magnets so it can be stuck to your fridge), our Wink stationery set is a chic and cheerful way to decorate your workspace.

And if you fancy going the extra mile and pairing up your lunch with your stationery, our Wink collection also includes stackable Snack Boxes and a travel-friendly Double Wall Mug. How’s that for “sorted”?

A pop-art punch

For a stationery set with a bit of bite, look no further than our T-Rex collection.

Pop-art inspired and colourful, spice up your space with our T-Rex Mini Pencil Case, fierce grid-dot Notebook, dino Sticky Notes, Page Markers, and novelty T-Rex Highlighters.

So whether you’re planning your next presentation, doing some freelance work in your spare time, or doodling in a day-dream, our T-Rex stationery set includes all the punchy accessories to help you get down to business the bold way.

For a summer vibe

With the current heatwave blazing down on us, it only makes sense that bananas have ripened up to become one of the hottest trends of the season.

To bring a little fruitiness into your life, try our Banana collection. With two bright Notebooks (one cyan, one magenta), Page Markers, a Mini Pencil Case, Sticky Notes and Document Wallets to choose from, our Banana stationery set will have you peeling the positivity before you know it.

And to give your lunch a little b-a-n-a-n-a-s treatment, pack your brain food in our Banana Snack Boxes.

Work happy. Be bold.

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