Tech Your Way To One Of Your 5 A Day

Tech Your Way To One Of Your 5 A Day With Mustard

The time has come to say enough is enough when it comes to boring tech.

With most of us using the same phones – Android, iPhone or perhaps a Huawei or a Nokia if you like to ride against the wave – it can be difficult to add personality to your devices.

This is where Mustard comes in. We believe that tech doesn’t have to be dull, doesn’t have to be drab and certainly doesn’t need to stick to the whole black-grey colour scheme (why must all gadgets look like they’re in mourning?).

So, if you’re tired of the same-old tech accessories and are looking for something with a bit more individuality and a bit more punch, we’ve got just the fruity picks for you. In fact, these bold choices will help you Tech Your Way To One Of Your Five A Day.*

Potassium power

Phone? Check. Work phone? Check. Tablet? Check. Crummy battery life and not enough plug sockets to charge all your devices at once? Check.

…Or so you thought…

Luckily, our Banana USB Hub can connect all your gadgets in one fruity place, meaning you only need to source a single plug socket to power up your tech – though admittedly, this is no walk in the park with an office full of Apple addicts.

With four USB ports and a stand-out summery design, our Hub means that sacrificing one device over another will be a thing of the past. After all, nobody likes picking favourites.

Banana USB Hub from
Banana Audio Splitter tech from

Do the banana split

Music helps us work that bit faster and brain storm that bit better. If you’ve got a killer motivational playlist that helps you get down to business, why not tune in with our Banana Audio Splitter. Bright yellow and shaped like a banana for a bold aesthetic, it’s the ultimate way to get you peeling the positivity as you tick off your tasks.

And if you’re lucky enough to commute with a friend, our Splitter means that you can happily share your music to and from work.

*NB: Not for actual consumption. But you knew that. We hope…

Work happy. Be bold.

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