Keep Cool As The Office Hots Up With This Hydrating Hero

Blue skies, burnt shoulders and the distinct smell of Pimms wafting through the air… Anybody else starting to get suspicious of all the good weather we’ve been having?

The sun has been shining down on us for weeks now and shows no sign of letting up… Do we, the British public, have some deity to thank for our increasingly golden tan or will we be promptly punished with a winter of solid rain for our current good fortune?

Either way, the office is HOT. Really hot. Even with a good few fans pointed in your direction, the heat at work is almost a distraction and you’ve lost count of the amount of times you and your colleagues have made distressed eye-contact over the temperature.

With most of us failing to get our recommended 2-3 litres of water per day (sorry, coffee doesn’t count), it really is vital to make an effort to stay hydrated in this heat. Aside from all the other benefits of water (good for your skin, good for your hair, good for your energy levels), no one wants to be battling against a headache and boasting cracked lips.

With their detrimental impact on the environment, disposable plastic bottles are a no-go, and sports bottles can often be so heavy and bulky that they take up your entire work bag. Luckily, Mustard have a solution.

Our T-Rex Water Bottle is the perfect way to stay hydrated. Not only is it bang on trend thanks to the punchy dinosaur design (everyone knows that T-Rex is the best dino), but it’s also a revolutionary shape for taking on-the-go. Slim, slender and shaped like a rectangle, our T-Rex Water Bottle can be slotted into your bag just like a book, taking up minimal space.

So next time your panting in the heat while drafting an email, sweating on the tube or hitting the gym after work, take a sip from our T-Rex Water Bottle and give your hydration levels a boost. Available to buy on our website here.

Live happy!

T-Rex Water Bottle from Mustard
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