3 Festival Accessories Fiercer Than Florence And The Machine

From denim shorts to plastic pint glasses, we’ve been donning all the trappings of festival season with pride.

However, due to the limitations in packing space (no one wants to be lugging about a 50 tonne rucksack and a tent), festival accessories often have to be sacrificed. Luckily, Mustard have got 3 must-haves that are not only fiercer than Florence and the Machine (trust us), but also won’t weigh down your dancing feet.

So whether you prefer wellies or trainers, fringe or crochet, glamping or getting down and dirty in the mud, take a look at our top festival accessories:

Look sharp

We may not have made it to Coachella, but it wasn’t difficult to tell from the a million and one posts on social media (and that’s probably not an exaggeration) that cactus accessories were trending hard. No doubt inspired by the Californian sunshine, cacti were seen adorning jackets, decorating bags and even featuring on rings.

And the cactus craze that Coachella kick-started shows no signs of slowing down, with the prickly little guys also being spotted at UK festivals – albeit in a less perfectly-preened all-American way (UK festivals by definition are that bit more rough and ready). To nail the trend, try our Cactus Audio Splitter. With a detachable pot and clip chain, it can easily be attached to your bumbag, backpack or keyring. A cacti-cool way to sharpen up your festival accessories.

Cactus Audio Splitter from Mustard
Mustard's Wink Pencil Case

Get your glitter on

Festivals have become synonymous with glitter. From the arty arrangements decorating faces to the riskier “go hard or go home” approach that basically entails attempting to resemble a Lush bath bomb, hordes of festival goers make their way out into the mud with a healthy assortment of glitter pots.

But where to store these sparkly tubs? Mustard’s Wink Pencil Case is the ideal festival accessory for carrying your glitter stash. Decorated with a cheeky and cheerful eyes and lips pattern and boasting a cute lip-shaped zip charm, shove your disco-ball kit in our Pencil Case and shine till your heart’s content.*

*Mustard will not take responsibility for glitter still being stuck in your scalp three weeks later.

Peel the positivity

With the backpack being an essential element to the festival season, help yours stand out from the crowd with our Banana Pin Badges. Featuring three fruity designs, these quirky festival accessories can be pinned to your bag to add an accent of generation-Z yellow.

If you weren’t already going bonkers bananas to your favourite headliners, these Pin Badges will do just the trick.

Live happy!

Mustard Banana Pin Badges
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