Mustard Loves: A Lunch Box That’s Fresher Than New Socks

Mustard Loves A Lunch Box That's Fresher Than New Socks

Mustard Loves: A Lunch Box That’s Fresher Than New Socks…

There’s no denying that lunch is the best part of the working day.

From Moroccan flatbreads and Greek salads to pasta pots and last night’s leftovers, as much as you might enjoy your job, there’s nothing that gets you through the morning quite like the promise of a 10/10 lunch.

Seeing as you’ve spent all that time and effort making sure your taste buds have something delicious to enjoy once one o’clock rolls around (though admittedly that home-made sushi was a lengthy mistake), it only makes sense to nestle your lunch in a bento box so cool it basically deserves its own star on the walk of fame.

Mustard’s T-Rex Lunch Box is a punchy lunch box that’s sure to turn heads in the office. Featuring a pop-art inspired T-Rex (who incidentally happens to be top of the dino food-chain), this bento box comes with dual compartments ideal for storing all your brain food.

Gone are the days of sticking passive aggressive (and aggressive aggressive) notes on your food to keep your colleagues at bay; this Tupperware has such a fearless design that all would-be food predators will be totally deterred. Your vegan shepherd’s pie can rest safe.

Microwave safe (excluding lid) and BPA free, our T-Rex Lunch Box is fresher than new socks (and that’s really saying something). Shop the look here and get free UK delivery.

Eat happy!

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