Why The Time Is Ripe For A Banana Pencil Case

Why The Time Is Ripe For A Banana Pencil Case

You can smell it in the air and feel it in your bones: summer. From picnics in the park to sweating it out on public transport, you’re greeted with all the familiar features of the season i.e. the parsley aroma of Johnson’s Holiday Sun and a few too many Magnum ice-creams after work.

However, summer isn’t only great because of the aforementioned; it’s also the time when you get to bounce around in colour heaven thanks to all the bright hues that trend alongside the sunshine.

Generation Z yellow is hot stuff, but it’s not the easiest colour to pull off and often works better as an accent. Cue Mustard’s Mini Banana Pencil Case.

Featuring a fruity bright yellow banana design and a contrasting cyan blue background, it’s stationery that just screams summer (or, you know, SUMMER). Not only does it have a cute banana charm zipper, but the zingy yellow elastic band means it can also be attached to your notebook or planner and taken on the go.

And if you’re more ashamed of your handwriting than the state of your bedroom floor and just don’t see yourself needing pens and pencils, our Banana Pencil Case also doubles up as a punchy make-up bag.

Who would have thought stationery could be so bang on trend? The time is definitely ripe for a Banana Pencil Case.

Work happy!

Why The Time is Ripe for A Banana Pencil Case
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