Mustard Loves: Doisy & Dam(n) Good Chocolate

Mustard Loves: Doisy & Dam(n) Good Chocolate…

While guilt free indulgence may be the dream, it doesn’t always seem like the most realistic one. Deliciously Ella can preach all she wants about healthy treats, but all we know is that when we have one too many trips to the biscuit tin our jeans start to feel that little bit tighter.

However, it turns out their might be a way to have our cake and eat it too (of sorts, anyway). Chocolate brand Doisy & Dam have come up with delightful chocolate concoctions that minimise all the bad stuff without scrimping on the good.

With enticing flavours such as Goji & Orange, Coconut & Lucuma (us neither…) and Crunchy Almond Butter, Doisy & Dam make sure that every single bar of chocolate they produce includes a superfood – something that makes them super tasty.

What’s really unique about Doisy & Dam is that their chocolate never has more than eight ingredients. If you’re wondering how they manage such a feat, it’s all down to the high cocoa content of their products. There simply isn’t room to go around adding all that unnecessary sugar and fat, which is lucky for our insides and lucky for our waistline!

Mustard’s favourite flavour at the moment is the Maple Toasted Rice & Pink Salt bar – unusual and amazing! If you want to find out more, check out their Instagram here.

Eat happy!

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