Washi Tape Out Of Your Wildest Washi Tape-iest Dreams

Washi Tape

Much like herbal tea, washi tape comes in a million and one different colours (and probably flavours) to suit every mood. If polka dots aren’t your thing, then fear not because you’ve also got stripes, stars, flowers, gingham, dogtooth, and chequered (we’re running out of patterns here but you get the picture) to play with. In fact, there’s probably a washi tape out there with your face on it.


Once the obsession of stationery addicts and stationery addicts only, washi tape has made its way into the mainstream and it’s not hard to see why. Able to spruce up just about anything it touches, washi tape is an easy way to decorate and customise with maximum results.

However, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, so Mustard have put together three wonderful ways washi tape your way to success using our very own Rainbow Washi Tape. Coming in five different varieties, this colourful washi tape set will truly let you roll out the rainbow.

Pimp your planner

Planners are great for turning procrastination into plans and goals into action, but washi tape can take the aesthetic side of planning to a whole new level. If you’ve got an important date, a week booked off for holiday, or you just really like Fridays (who doesn’t?), why not frame that date with our kawaii washi tape. With five different colourful gradients to choose from, your planner will be covered with all the colours of the rainbow in no time.

Plus, if you’re using one of Mustard’s Weekly Planners, which come with two magnets so you can pop it on your fridge, your taping skills can be marveled by all.

Go bujo crazy

Bullet journaling (done in a special “bujo” notebook like our grid-dot Wink Notebook) and washi tape are essentially a match made in stationery heaven. Whatever your bullet journaling focus, be that lists, ideas, or mind-maps, our Rainbow Washi Tape is sure to take your bujo game up a notch or two.

From framing pages, customising divides, decorating your notebook cover with geometric patterns and creating tabs, the possibilities for bullet journaling and washi tape are endless!

Rainbow Washi Tape

The everyday bits and bobs

But washi tape doesn’t just have to be used in a stationery context. Thanks to its low-tack properties, it’s also perfect for decorating everyday bits and bobs without leaving a mark.

To inject some colour into your tech, why not try covering the back of your phone in one of our five Rainbow Washi Tapes depending on your mood. Plus, our Washi Tape is the perfect width to decorate nail varnish lids and can be used to customise your keyboard too.

Work happy!

Washi Tape
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