Mustard Loves: A Novelty Cactus Light Cooler Than Cara Delevingne

Mustard Loves: A Novelty Cactus Light Cooler Than Cara Delevingne…

A symbol of serenity and escapism, in the last few years the cactus has transcended window sills and botanical gardens to make its mark on the fashion world. Adorning high-end handbags and hipster cafes alike, a quick scroll down Instagram proves that cacti are the sharpest trend around.

And what better way to nail a trend than with Mustard’s Cactus LED Light. Stylish and calming, our neon Light is the perfect tranquil accessory to brighten up your evenings. Simply insert the USB cord and let your room grow oh so succulent…

Ideal for film nights, BBQs and parties, our novelty Cactus Light will add a touch of Instagrammable charm to your home décor. Whether you want to kick back and relax or use the quirky Light to create some celebration vibes, this is one piece of decorative lighting that will add charm to whatever room it’s planted in.

While we can’t promise that our green Cactus Light will make it as sunny as the Arizona desert, it’s definitely one way to inspire those summer feels. Play the video on the right to see the Cactus glow in all its botanical glory and check it out on our Instagram here!

Live happy!

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