Mustard Loves: Peeling The Positivity With Our Banana Cup

Mustard Loves peeling the positivity with our banana cup…

Nothing encapsulates the feeling of summer quite like a fruity drink. From Capri Suns, smoothies and the now amended and less addictive Sunny D (tastes a lot worse but at least children aren’t turning orange anymore), the sunshine calls for refreshing and tangy beverages.

While you could sip your thirst quencher of choice from a run of the mill drinks bottle, we think that fruity drinks call for fruity cups – and our Banana Straw Cup is fruiter than most. Featuring a colourful banana print, this cute and vibrant cup is the perfect summer picnic pal.

What makes this cup really stand out is the straw feature. Not only does sipping from a straw make whatever drink you’re enjoying feel infinitely more fun, but it also makes a satisfying noise when you reach the end of your refreshment. Plus, this straw is reusable meaning that any moral panic over clogging up the world with disposable plastic straws can be soothed. You can sip away with your principles still in tact.

Easily taken on the go, our Banana Straw Cup is just the thing to get you out in the sunshine this summer.

Live happy!

Banana Straw Cup
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