3 Desk Exercises You Never Knew You Needed

If you went around your office with a clipboard (or a tablet – it is the 21st century I suppose) and made note of who managed to get their recommended 30 minutes of exercise five times a week, we’re guessing you’d be as concerned as Jamie Oliver was when he saw the state of school dinners.

Now we’re not suggesting that you do a Jamie and start banning turkey dinosaurs and other delicious (albeit hugely unhealthy) snacks, but we do recommend encouraging some simple desk exercises that can be done in the workplace. Our 3 Desk Exercises You Never Knew You Needed are quick and easy routines that can be done at work to try and counter the effects of sitting down all day.

(You might need to check with your doctor before you start these exercises)

3 Desk Exercises You Never Knew You Needed

1. The Magic Carpet Ride

If you think killer abs can only be obtained through a strict regimen of kale, fat-free yogurt and sit-ups then think again. It turns out you can work your stomach while in your office with a desk exercise called ‘The Magic Carpet Ride’ (Aladdin spring to mind for anyone else?).

To get started simply sit on your chair with crossed legs and place your hands on the armrests. Then slowly suck in your stomach and raise yourself an inch or so above your seat just using your belly and hands. Hold for 20 seconds, rest for 30, repeat five times. Easy.

2. Stretch It Out

Sitting in more or less the same position all day (hunched over your computer screen like a gargoyle) is going to make your body tighten up. To prevent you from leaving work looking like you’d be more at home swinging from the tops of Notre Dame, try stretching out your body while at the office.

This desk exercise involves a number of different stretches to target different parts of your body. For the classic “let’s get down to business neck stretch”, touch your ear to your shoulder and hold it there for a few seconds before moving onto the other side. To loosen up your chest, stretch your arms behind your back and imagine squeezing a pen between your shoulder blades, and to give your back a nice old arch, stand up holding onto the back of your chair and bend backwards.

3. All About The Base

When you’re hankering for “leg day” this ‘All About The Base’ desk exercise is the routine that you need. Sit in your chair while extending one leg straight in front of you and hold it for three seconds before raising it as high as you can (or as high as your desk allows) and holding it for another three seconds. Repeat the leg lifter on each side 15 times.

Hydrate Away

Alongside desk exercises, it’s also vital to stay hydrated throughout the day, which you can do with our stylish and cute T-Rex Water Bottle. Magenta pink and featuring a pop-art inspired dinosaur, this Water Bottle can easily slide into your bag or rucksack thanks to its square shape. With a combination of hydration and these quick and easy desk routines, you’ll be feeling more energetic and more productive (with a whole lot less back pain) before you know it.

Work happy!

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