Alfresco v “Aldesko”: The Great Office Lunch Debate

There are few things worse than working inside on a sunny day. As you tap away on your computer, you can practically feel your Vitamin D levels depleting alongside your concentration. The idea of sweating in your office for another 7 hours while what seems like all your friends and family (i.e. your one unemployed mate) are outside enjoying the sunshine is almost too much to bear. There’s only one thing for it. You’re going to have to eat your office lunch alfresco.

While eating your lunch alfresco on a sunny day to most Brits (I say Brits because we tragically grasp at any and every opportunity to “tan” *cough* burn) seems like a no brainer, there are some who persist in eating their lunch aldesko (i.e. at their desk).

Not only does this aldesko dining lead to crumbs around the office, but plenty of studies have suggested that eating lunch at your desk actually decreases overall productivity. It’s better for your work and your wellbeing if you take some time away from your usual seat and eat lunch in the canteen with colleagues or – weather permitting – outside. Plus, if you’re eating lunch outside you also get the added benefits of breathing in that fresh (/polluted) summer air. Much better than that stagnated stuff that makes its way around the office.

Our Wink Snack Boxes are the ideal lunch accessories to take on your summer snacking adventure. Coming in four sizes that are ideal for storing all myriads of brain food including sandwiches, nuts, salads, popcorn and strawberries, they’re also printed with a stylish and cute design featuring cheeky eyes and lips. Easy to transport and easy to store due to their Russian doll-esque stacking feature, these Snack Boxes will take your alfresco office lunch to whole new levels. In fact, kiss goodbye to your stained Tupperware right now.

Wink Snack Boxes
Mustard Wink Double Wall Mug

And if you’re the kind of worker who likes to match their lunch box to their bottle, then why not bring along our Wink Double Wall Mug. Insulated to keep hot drinks hot and cool drinks cool, it’s perfect for staying hydrated when the sun does make an appearance. Plus, thanks to the lid feature not only is our Mug practically made for excursions outside of the office, but it’s also brilliant for your commute.

So in the case of alfresco v aldesko and the great office lunch debate, here at Mustard we say grab your lunch and go enjoy the sun while it’s actually there! Alfresco work lunches all the way.

Eat happy! Work happy!

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