5 Songs To Listen To When You Mean Business

Music helps us work that bit faster and brainstorm that bit better.

While we all like to think that we’re ready to go 24/7, sometimes we need the little extra push that a well-timed power tune can provide. From Justice Vs Simian to the Spice Girls (no judgement here), music can make or break your weekday motivation.

Although it’s tempting to blast your motivational playlist of choice from your desk like some Berlin-based DJ, this tactic isn’t always appreciated by the rest of the office – unless, of course, it’s a Friday afternoon.

For those in need of cool and cute stationery to solve such a conundrum, Mustard’s Banana Audio Splitter is the perfect way to provide inspirational songs for you and a friend without subjecting the whole office to ‘Wannabe’ (again, no judgement here). Simply insert the Splitter, select a mind motivating tune, and stay sharp all day long with Mustard’s quirky and colourful desk accessory.

Whether you’re burning the midnight oil, trying to crack that report, or just wanting to start the week right, here are Five Songs To Listen To When You Mean Business. 

Basement Jaxx – Do Your Thing

When deadlines are looming and you’re in need of a soundtrack for greatness, look no further than Basement Jaxx ‘Do Your Thing’. With a fast, positive beat and the kind of nonsensical yet catchy lyrics that will motivate but not distract you, Basement Jaxx will truly let you Do Your Thing.

La Roux – In For The Kill

Go In For The Kill with La Roux and finish your work in style. While we can’t all rock a flame coloured pixie cut, we can all use Mustard’s cool tech accessories to approach our work with La Roux-esque fearlessness.

Spice Girls – Wannabe

Yes you know it’s cheesy and yes you know it’ll do nothing for your office rep, but sometimes we all need a bit of Girl Power – and a leopard print catsuit. A song to be heard by you and your Audio Splitter companion exclusively…

Justice Vs Simian – We Are Your Friends

Forceful synths plus stirring lyrics? ‘We Are Your Friends’ is a productive power tune at its finest. Your work may not be your friend at the moment, but by the time Justice Vs Simian are done you’ll be ready to tackle it head on.

Toto – Africa

More of a Friday feel-good vibe than a Monday motivator, Toto’s ‘Africa’ is a tune that will having you ticking off tasks for the weekend. And yes, when it comes to Africa, you have permission to crank your speakers to full volume and let the whole office in on your jam.

Work happy!

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