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Back when you were a child customising your outfit meant taking to your wardrobe with a pair of kitchen scissors and snipping off a random trouser leg here and an odd sleeve there (much to your parents’ dismay). Now that you’re older and (potentially) wiser, there’s a much more stylish (and sustainable) way to inject some cool into your clothes.

Mustard’s retro Pin Badges are a quirky way to customise your clothes and accessories without leaving any permanent damage (i.e. without leading to a wardrobe filled with holey t-shirts). Simply attach the Pins to your jacket, rucksack, or even your pencil case and then unfasten them when you want to change your vibe.

We even have retro Pin Badges to suit any mood thanks to our different logos. If you’re feeling fruity, try our Banana Pin Badges, including a Banana Straw Cup Pin, a Peeled Banana Pin and a Bunch of Bananas Pin. If you fancy something quirky then go for our T-Rex Pin Badges, which feature a Bicycle Riding T-Rex, a Magenta T-Rex, and a Headphone Wearing T-Rex. And if you’re looking for classic pin-up perfection then our Wink Pin Badges are ideal thanks to the striking mixture of Eyes, Lips and Winking Pins.

If only we knew about retro pin badges before we took to our school uniform with a magic marker…

Live Happy!

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