Mustard Loves: Making Desks Dino-mite With Quirky Stationery

Quirky Stationery

Mustard Loves…

From the catwalk to the high street, dinosaurs are far from extinct when it comes to fashion. 

Retro, wacky and fun, our prehistoric pals are the trend to be touting at the moment, with the top dino pick of the fashion food chain being none other than Tyrannosaurus rex. Starring on Coach jumpers and adorning Paul Smith Shirts, they’ve even made it onto Topshop t-shirts. T-Rex – now just as much as 66 million years ago – remains alpha.

Thankfully, T-Rex needn’t just be a feature of your wardrobe. Mustard’s fun and cool T-Rex collection contains all the quirky stationery you need to bring him (or her) to work.

With a pop-art inspired range of accessories to choose from – including lunch boxes, water bottles, page markers, and highlighters – our retro T-Rex collection is sure to make your desk dino-mite. While it might be doubtful whether or not T-Rex can ride a bike a-la our Memo Block considering they can’t even high-five, the collection is a quirky stationery edit that’s perfect for gifting (our Magenta and Lime Highlighters are the ideal stocking fillers) and even better for keeping all to yourself.

Work happy!

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