Mustard Loves: Fruity Tech

Mustard Loves…

While the market might trick you into thinking that all gadgets need to be some kind of square block in varying shades of black and grey, this isn’t strictly true. In a sea of boring tech, Mustard have come up with a rather novel way of shaking things up. In fact, you might say that we’ve gone totally bananas…

Kiss goodbye to your bog-standard audio splitter and wave farewell to your painfully dull USB hub: the time has come to peel the positivity with our colourful, Summer-inspired, fruity tech. Our Banana Audio Splitter and Banana USB Hub are the fun accessories you need to take your gadgets from zero to hero and are also the perfect gift ideas.

Whether you’er splitting your tunes with a friend or connecting all your essential gizmos at once, carrying around a kooky banana-shaped device is bound to make you feel kinda funky. And in a good way.

Let’s give tech some appeel. Let’s get fruity.

Live happy!

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