Good Ideas Grow On Broccoli Trees: Brain Foods To Help You Work

Despite what trendy chefs and foodie influencers often make out, there isn’t one single “super food” that is going to make you feel super human at work. There are, however, lots of foods that will maximise your brain power and make you feel pretty good (i.e. being that over-eager meeting contributor) and there are foods, due to their high fatty and sugary content, that will make you feel more like Homer Simpson and likely to fall asleep with your finger on some big fat red nuclear button.

Considering most of us want to do well at our jobs and, you know, not be responsible for setting off a nuclear war (Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un already have that covered), we suggest sampling foods from the former category rather than the latter. With this in mind, here are Mustard’s Brain Foods To Help You Work.

Wholesome wholegrains

The iconic scene from The Peep Show where Mark has two slices of toast and proclaims his preference for brown (“Brown’s savoury, white’s the treat – Of course, I’m the one who’s laughing because I actually love brown toast”) is a something we should really get behind.

It turns out that not only is brown bread really delicious, but it’s also super good for your brain. Wholegrains like brown rice, brown pasta, and brown / granary bread have a low-GI, meaning that they release glucose slowly into the bloodstream throughout the day. Thanks to this moderated and regulated release, you’ll be more mentally alert from the moment you consume these wholesome wholegrains to the time when you’re ready to head on home.

Brain Foods To Help You Work
Brain Foods To Help You Work

Feeling blue(berry)

Blueberries recently overtook strawberries as the UK’s most-bought berry. Make of that fact what you will (where were raspberries?!), but perhaps their increased popularity has something to do with an abundance of new research suggesting that blueberries are fantastic for improving short term memory loss. So if you want to stay on the ball at work, get on the little blue guys.


Essential fatty acids (ETAs) reduce our risk of dementia and memory loss, and also help us manage stress and produce the natural “brain drug” serotonin (something that makes you happy as Larry). Not only are they key to healthy brain function, but they also lend a helping hand to our heart, our joints, and our general wellbeing. All in all, essential fatty acids are pretty good guys.

However, because these acids can’t actually be made by the body, we need to get them through our diet. Eating oily fish like salmon, trout and mackerel is the best way to do this, but you can also get some of those good ol’ ETAs through veggie options like soya beans, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and flaxseed.

Brain Foods To Help You Work
Brain Foods To Help You Work

Good ideas grow on Broccoli trees

Thanks to broccoli’s abundance of something called vitamin K, it’s brilliant at improving cognitive function and enhancing brainpower. The little green trees also contain lots of glucosidnolates (a new word to add to your vocabulary), which apparently keeps our brains and memories sharp. Thankfully, broccoli is pretty cheap and pretty quick to cook, meaning that it can easily be slotted into your food cycle without too much effort.

Maybe good ideas really do grow on Broccoli trees.

Brain Foods To Help You Work

And if you’re looking for a stylish and colourful way to transport all these brain foods in for your office lunch, then try using our pop-art inspired T-Rex Lunch Box. Featuring our iconic magenta T-Rex, this cute Lunch Box also has separate compartments so you can get a good selection of all the mind-nourishing foods mentioned above. One side could hold a smoked salmon, cream cheese, broccoli and brown bread sandwich and the other could have blueberries and yogurt for lunch pudding (it’s a thing). This quirky accessory would also make the perfect gift!

Eat happy!

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