How To Stay Organised If You’re Very Busy

It’s not always easy to stay organised if you’re very busy. When you’re juggling a hectic schedule that involves work, home chores, and fun (work hard, play hard is a strong mantra to live by), it’s not long before plans start to slip through the cracks.

Often it makes no difference if a wayward plan gets forgotten in and amongst your timetable. You didn’t really need to wash your sheets that badly… However, sometimes dropping the ball on that all-important plan is pretty crucial and no one wants to get a rep for being a flake (I hope you’re reading this, Millie).

Essentially, whatever your aim – running a marathon, starting a business, or cleaning out the kitchen cupboards – good planning is always going to be the key to achieving it. With this in mind, here are our tips for How To Stay Organised If You’re Very Busy with our colourful, stylish stationery.

The ink commitment

Before you rush off to get a tattoo, the ink commitment doesn’t mean branding your schedule on the inside of your forearm, but writing it down somewhere visible so you feel more compelled to see the plan through.

While it’s all well and good typing out a plan on your phone, it’s pretty easy to forget about it when it’s nestled away in your ‘notes’ folder. However, if you have your plan written down and stuck on your fridge –  which you can do with our stylish Wink Weekly Planner thanks to the magnets – you’ll be more likely to remember.

Plus you can use the to-do list section of the Planner to help you achieve your weekly goals. Not only will completing them feel super productive, but you’ll also get to enjoy the satisfying feeling of writing a ‘tick’ beside your finished task. Inserting a tick emoji on your phone doesn’t even come close.

If you’re after cute and stylish desk accessories, then check out the list:

How To Stay Organised
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Sick ‘em up

When you’re busy, tasks pop in and out of your head with no warning (finish that report, water the plants, buy more almonds) but you often don’t have time to do anything with the plan before you’re running off to your next appoint.

To make sure those jobs don’t dissolve into a faint memory, scribble them down on our T-Rex Sticky Notes. Shaped like a dinosaur for some extra bite, these colourful Sticky Notes are compact enough to be packed in your purse or pocket with no bother.

Stick them on your desk, stick them on your noticeboard or stick them on your mirror. Just whatever you do stick ‘em up.

Eagle eye

While getting down notes, plans and ideas is one thing, it’s another thing entirely keeping track of them. This problem gets magnified when you’re busy. You create the impression of productivity by writing down a fool-proof plan to execute your tasks and then you close your notebook and completely forget about it. All that good planning work gone to waste.

There’s a simple way to solve this conundrum and that’s by using our Banana Page Markers. Stick these fruity accessories in and around your most important pages and keep track of the things that are on your ASAP list.

Work happy!

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