How To Feel At Home While Hot Desking

Hot desking was sold as the ultimate way to create a dynamic work place. Forget sitting in the same seat day-in, day-out; now you can roam around the office and discover new teams, new people and new office views.

Unfortunately, for many of the brave souls who tried to achieve the hot desking utopia, they ended up facing a realisation not dissimilar to the one concerning the American Dream: hot-desking in theory was brilliant; hot desking in reality was not.

If you weren’t blessed with the early-bird mentality you were consistently stuck with the worst spots, every morning started to feel like your first day of school and you were presented with an extra challenge on top of the rush hour commute. And the main qualm of the hot deskers? Their ever-changing spot just didn’t feel like “home”.

Here at Mustard we can’t solve the first three hot desking issues, but we can make some strides to improving the fourth. Check out our top tips on How To Feel At Home While Hot Desking.

Say cheese

Nothing says home like hanging up pictures of your nearest and dearest. However, one of the main problems with hot desking is that you’re just not in a place long enough to warrant sprinkling it with smiling snaps of those close to you – or, you know, your dog.

Luckily our Banana Picture Hangers come with suckers and string that are fuss-free to attach and fuss-free to transport. Simply attach your memories of choice to the clips and smile as these colourful desk accessories brighten up your hot desking experience.

Banana Picture Hangers from
T-Rex Pencil Case from

A seasoned traveller

When you can be uprooted at any moment and won’t stay in a space long enough to call it your office “home”, you need stationery that can be packed up and ready to go in an instant. Desperately searching for a desk to call your own while pens are falling out of your pocket isn’t the best way to present yourself as an attractive work mate.

If a dirty grey industrial sized pencil case is springing to mind then think again; functional doesn’t need to mean unattractive. Our T-Rex Mini Pencil Case is super slim, super practical, but – perhaps most importantly – super stylish. Featuring a dinosaur shaped charm on the zipper and a pop-art brightly coloured print, this cute piece of stationery also comes with wrap-around elastic that means it can be fastened to your notebook. Happy hot desking travels!

Make your mark

Part of hot desking is marking your territory despite the fact you’re only going to grace that particular spot for maybe a day or two. Taking off your shoes is perhaps a step too far, but there is a way to make your mark on your desk without causing the rest of the room to run for cover.

We recommend having your own special mug that can sit next to your laptop and proudly declare that for today this desk is yours. Not only is our Cat Double Wall Mug a stand-out choice that will be sure to put your stamp on wherever you’re working, but it will also make the faff of switching desks that bit easier. No need to worry about spilling precious caffeine when you’re lugging your work life to and from rooms.

How To Feel At Home While Hot Desking

Work happy!

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