Mustard Loves: The Nutrition Diva

Mustard Loves…

If you’ve eaten one too many crosushis (croissant sushi – and yep, it’s as weird as it sounds) and you’re starting to lose faith in the numerous health fads that get bombarded your way, then we’ve got just the podcast for you: The Nutrition Diva.

Fronted by registered dietitian Monica Reinagel, a.k.a. The Nutrition Diva (can we all get a sassy alter ego please?), the podcast covers food trends and comes to a verdict on whether they’re legit or not. Wondering whether sparkling water makes you hungry? If fish oil is overrated? If mushroom coffee *gross* is worth the hype? The Nutrition Diva is your gal.

Episodes are available on Apple Podcasts and only last ten minutes long, making them perfect for slotting into your busy schedule.

Reinagel claims, “I’m here to sort food facts from fiction, separate the good information from the bad, and to make eating healthy just a little bit easier – and a lot saner.”

As long as it doesn’t involve drinking mushroom coffee, we’re in.

Eat happy!

Images via @thenutritiondiva

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