Mustard Loves: Turning Profanity Into Progress

Mustard Loves

Mustard Loves…

Get ready to utter the most wicked word in your vocabulary because there’s now a way to turn profanity into progress with mental health charity MQ’s Swearbox. 

MQ are bringing their We Swear campaign to the big smoke. Setting up in Old Street, East London, the We Swear campaign will feature the biggest swearbox that London has ever seen.

And if you’re thinking what the @%*! is all this about, the potty-mouthed pop-up is being set up in aid of tackling mental illness through research.

Open all day, every day in July, the We Swear campaign will include an exhibition showing celebrities getting sweary about the state of mental illness, powerful personal stories from MQ supporters and short talks from scientists who are using their research to take on mental health.

To find the MQ Swearbox just pop down to Old Street station and enjoy the feeling of turning the air blue for a very good cause indeed. Nothing says bonding like a good old cursing session.

At Mustard we’re really passionate about mental health and we can’t think of a more entertaining way of raising awareness and money for tackling mental illness.

Find out more here.

Live happy! 

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Mustard Loves: Turning Profanity Into Progress
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