How To Turn Your Desk Into Your Happy Place

For some people the words ‘work desk’ are amongst the most fearsome in the world. The idea of sitting in the same space day in, day out seems like an idea to battle, not one to embrace. And can we really blame them? Work desks are often dreary and gloomy, made worse by the addition of some well-intentioned (yet utterly neglected) plant. R.I.P to our birthday cactus.

But things don’t have to be this way! Your work desk can be a place of inspiration, a place of good vibes and place to nurture your productivity. Here’s How To Turn Your Desk Into Your Happy Place with a few bold Mustard products.

Add some colour

One thing that is bound to impact your mood is the colour of the environment that surrounds you. Grey stationery is more likely than not going to lead to a grey mood. While we know that not every workplace looks kindly upon technicolour accessories that are fit for a rave, there’s no harm (in fact, there’s a whole lot of good) in adding a splash of colour to your desk.

Our Banana Sticky Notes are a simple yet effective way of brightening up you workspace. Peel off each sheet as and when you need it and turn your room into a fruity think tank. There’s no happier colour than yellow!

Make it quirky

There’s nothing worse than staring at the same old drab bits of stationery. While we all have our favourite lucky pen with the chewed up lid, there are ways to spruce up your desk without getting rid of your beloved desk friends (phew).

Our magenta pink Lucky Cat Pen Pot is an ideal way to add some quirkiness to your workspace while allowing room for those OAP pens and pencils. Featuring a magnetic paw that can be used to tidy up stray paperclips, our Lucky Cat Pen Pot is purrfect (that’s right: purrfect) for bringing the fun – and perhaps a little luck – to your working day.

Put your stamp on it

They may occasionally drive you up the wall, but adding smiling pictures of your nearest and dearest around your desk is a fool-safe way to make you feel that bit happier.

Our pop-art T-Rex Picture Hangers will liven up any workspace and thanks to the suckers and string, they can be hung just about anywhere! Whether you fancy popping pictures of your pals around your computer monitor or your window sill, use our fun dino-shaped Hangers to do it.

And if you really can’t stand the sight of your friend’s and family’s ugly mugs, you can also use the Picture Hangers to clip concert tickets, reminders, and even sweet wrappers!

Work happy!

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