The Monthly Edit

In our Monthly Edit discover the top design, lifestyle and trend inspiration curated by our future trends expert Geraldine Wharry. 


London-based photographer Aleksandra Kingo​ creates irreverent and cutting edge ​images inspired by everyday life stories and popular culture. Discover her work here.


Your top Instagram inspiration of the month, @the_80s_interior, was created by London-based retail manager Simon Knight as a way to share his fascination with the interiors of the era.

Graphic Design

Aiga Eye on Design is launching their first ever issue. You can find out more here – make sure to follow the rich graphic and editorial inspiration they share on Instagram.


A-2-0 studio designed wrapping Paper for Depst store in Moscow to embody the spirit of the concept retailer with playful 80s inspired paper. We especially love the eyes, echoing our latest Wink collection.


Australian artist CJ Hendry turned a 22,000-square-foot industrial space in Brooklyn into a chromatic heaven as per the installation’s title “MONOCHROME” with one room dedicated to a specific colour. Discover more here.


To check out more from our future trends expert Geraldine Wharry, click to explore her website, instagram, and blog.

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