3 Drinks To Give You A Boost On The Go

Tired of feeling tired? Want to kick your coffee habit but you’re not sure how?

Fear not; Mustard have you covered! We’ve come up with 3 drinks to give you a boost on the go – and we even have all the accessories to help you sip stylishly.

Ginger Goodness

When coffee is a no-go but you’re still craving a zingy mug of something warm to wake you up, why not try ginger tea. Famed in traditional Chinese medicine for restoring Yang (hot energy), ginger is the ideal aromatic and spicy ingredient to give you that much needed pre-work boost.

To save time in the morning, carry your tea in our T-Rex Travel Mug. With a silicone lid and double walls, our pop-art inspired mug will keep your tea toasty on the go. Plus, what could pair with fiery ginger better than the fiercest of all dinosaurs, T-Rex.

This is a boosting drink combo with some serious bite.

Infusion Time

Water can cure all sins. Headache? Drink water. Bad skin? Drink water. Dry lips? Drink water. Just broken up with your partner? For this one we strongly advise vodka. Or gin – they’re both clear after all…

But chugging water all the time can get a bit samey; it’s just… water. This is where Mustard’s Marble Infusing Bottle comes in. Reusable and BPA free, this pastel pink hydrating hero includes an infuser that can be stacked up with fruit. Whether you’re into berries, citrus fruits, or cucumber, our Marble Infusing Bottle will make every sip of water fruity and fresh.

Superfood = Super Brain

“Superfood” is the celebrity chef it-word of the moment. While we may not be able to pronounce the likes of quinoa, acai, chia and gubinge (“gub-in-gee” – and no, it’s not a dance move) without practice, superfoods are infiltrating our everyday diet whether we like it or not.

To tick off the latest wonder food and enjoy a boosting drink that refuels just as much as it refreshes, sip a vitamin packed super smoothie from our Banana Straw Cup. With a lid and a straw, our playful Cup will brighten up any commute or desk.

A Mustard certified favourite that contrasts perfectly with our Banana Straw Cup is what we like to call the Klever Kale smoothie. Just blend chopped kale leaves, almond milk, a frozen banana, Greek yogurt, pineapple, peanut butter and a touch of honey for a drink that gives a real boost.

Work happy!

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