How To Spring Clean Your Desk The Stylish Way

When you’ve got a million and one things to do, it’s no surprise that your desk can end up looking a little… cluttered.

From frantically scribbling down any and every thought that pops into your head to using those piles of paper work as some kind of make-shift coaster, work’s busy schedule can often create an obstacle to even the most intense organisational neurosis.

Luckily, the seasons have finally started to change for the better, giving you the perfect excuse to spring clean your desk. That’s right. Time to kiss goodbye to that “pen pot” coffee cup.

Mustard’s cute and cool desk accessories provide a seamless way to create a tidy desk and prompt a tidy mind.

Here’s how to spring clean your desk the stylish way:

Stay on the mark

While bookmarking your notebook with empty sweet wrappers may be one way to make use of a zealous Quality Street addiction, we can think of better ways to keep track of your ideas.

Mustard’s Banana Page Markers are a fun and colourful stationery accessory to ensure that you’re always on the ball. Simply stick the cute Banana Markers on pages that contain your best and brightest ideas, and smile as they add a pop of fun to your workspace.

Plan in style

Littering your desk with half-written plans will be a thing of the past with Mustard’s Wink Weekly Planner. Easily fastened to your wall and desktop, this stylish piece of stationery even comes with magnets so you can pop it on the work fridge – which, let’s face it, is a place you frequent more than you’d like to admit.

With its cheeky and fun print, Mustard’s Wink Weekly Planner is the ultimate way to give your desk a spring clean and a fashionable make over.

Organise, organise, organise

For pesky paperclips, pens, pencils and rubber bands, look no further than Mustard’s Cactus Desktop Organiser. Partially magnetic and with plenty of room to re-home your desktop strays, the Organiser will ensure that your desk stays looking tidy, stylish, and succulent.

On-trend and striking, this quirky cactus accessory is certain to make the sun shine.

Work happy!

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