Mustard’s Vitapens A Life Saver For “Grey’s Anatomy” Actress

Mustard vitapens featured in

Mustard’s Vitapens have been featured in this week’s edition of Us Weekly magazine!

Actress Camilla Luddington, who plays the unlucky in love Dr. Wilson in Grey’s Anatomy, shared her on-set essentials for Us Weekly’s ‘What’s In My Bag’ feature.

Swapping pill props for pill highlighters, Mustard’s capsule shaped Vitapens topped Luddington’s work fundamentals. Using the Vitapens to highlight her script, Luddington commented “They look like giant pills”.

With 10 rainbow capsules to choose from, Mustard’s quirky Vitapens are perfect for identifying print-based afflictions. Small and compact, Vitapens can be popped in your bag and administered on the go. Find out more.

With impeccable taste in stationery and – if her passion for UNO is anything to go by – impeccable taste in games, Luddington just needs to work on her character’s penchant for a bad boy.

Work happy!

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