Healthy tips for office working

January marks the start of those guilt driven gym-memberships, with the new years fad lasting till the end of the month.

We generally find ourselves falling back into our evening routines of a take-away Dominos, Netflix in front of the sofa and tell ourselves “there’s always next year”…

So how can we stay fit and healthy? That’s become even more of a dilemma when being glued to an office chair is your home away from home…

Don’t skip breakfast!

It’s a well-known fact that your metabolism slows when you’re asleep, eating within a few hours after you wake up kick-starts that internal engine for burning calories and fuels the body and mind. Try to keep a box of cereal, oatmeal or healthy snack at work in a Mustard Sandwich bag for those days when you’re rushed and skip breakfast at home.

Walk around the office

Walking keeps your metabolism fired up and can help prevent horrible illnesses such as DVT. Instead of emailing, take the time to walk to your colleague’s desks, its also great for social interaction and creates a better working environment. Same goes for “stairs VS lift”– unless you work on the 150th floor, stairs are a great workout for burning off extra calories at work!

Stay hydrated

Various studies show that drinking several glasses of water throughout your working day promotes weight loss, helps with concentration and is great for your skin. Try adding a slice of lemon into a Mustard infusing bottle for added vitamins to support your immune system.

Working out at your desk

Being glued like a statue at that workstation can lead to diabetes, heart disease and a loss of muscle and bone strength. There are various office based exercise you can do such as squats, stretching, glute squeezing or even stomach crunches.


40% of office workers in Britain gained 2.7KG from snacking alone. Try to avoid the temptation to munch away on Doritos and other calorie rich snacks. Instead, why not snack on your 5-a-day healthy fruit and veg options or bring some healthy options from home in your Mustard lunch box.

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