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Capsule Highlighters (10 in a jar)
Product code: M16009
Anyone who's ever written anything will know that accidents happen - the pressure of a deadline, the furore of creativity, or the lack of spellcheck - can all add up to multiple mistakes that need correcting. Help identify these print-based afflictions using Vitapens - ten highlighter pens - shaped like capsules, inside a sealed bottle. Keep them close by to be opened and used in literal emergency's, or any time you need to point out a problem in a piece of paperwork.
Additional Information

Product size and spec
Sizew51.7 mm x h17.7 mm x d16.5 mm
Material/sPlastic (PE) (3gr) ; Plastic (PET) (5gr) ; Plastic (PP); (36gr) ; Ink; (6gr) ;

Packaging size and spec
Sizew55.0 mm x h112.0 mm x d55.0 mm
Material/sPlastic Polystyrene foam (4gr) ; Plastic (PET) (26gr) ;

10x Highlighters shaped as capsule
Assorted colours in each bottle

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Product code: M16009
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