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Thirst Aid

Reusable drinks pouch
Product code: NG 5040
It’s tough being a vampire, unsocial hours, night working, no garlic (virgin’s blood is very bland). It’s exhausting. That’s why Thirst Aid is such a good idea. It looks just like a saline drip pouch, but you can fill it with your favourite energy drink. So it’s not just for vampires, it’s for anyone who finds they need a little pick me up. At any time of the day or night. Suitable for all popular fruit juices and blood types. Approved for use by the undead.
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Additional Information

Product size and spec
Size135.0 mm (w) x 240.0 mm (h) x 20.1 mm (d)
Weight16.0 g
Material/sPlastic (PA) (2gr) ; Plastic (PE) (1gr) ; Plastic (PET); (13gr) ;

Packaging size and spec
Size140.0 mm (w) x 267.0 mm (h) x 27.8 mm (d)
Weight16.0 g
Material/sPaper & Card (16gr) ;

Reusable drinks pack, Stands like a bottle when full, Suitable for freezing, 550ml

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Product code: NG 5040