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Sweet Stripes

Sweet shaped highlighters (8 in a Jar)
Product code: M16076
It's OK, you can admit it; we all know that you secretly enjoy highlighting. Don't hide it; embrace it with our fun Sweet Stripes Highlighters. They're a sure fire way to make your favourite part of the day that extra bit sweet.
This is not a toy
Additional Information

Product size and spec
Sizew87.0 mm x h21.0 mm x d21.0 mm
Material/sPlastic (ABS) (77.6gr) ; Plastic (PP) (12gr) ; Plastic (PET); (1.6gr) ; Plastic (PE); (0.8gr) ; Ink; (12gr) ;

Packaging size and spec
Sizew74.0 mm x h137.0 mm x d69.0 mm
Material/sPlastic Body (35gr) ; Sticker (0gr) ; Plastic (Cap); (13gr) ;

Sweet Shaped Highlighters
Pack of Eight
Assorted Colours
Safe and non-toxic

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Product code: M16076
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