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Rocket lolly shaped bath sponge
Product code: NG 5300A
Our Colonel's role in the space programme is not well known. In fact he came up with a way to take long-hot baths in zero gravity while he was taking a long hot bath. His eureka moment was SpacePop - a sponge that looks like an ice lolly with a stick that stops it floating away. If NASA still had his sort of brains on tap we'd all be living on Mars by now.
Additional Information

Product size and spec
Sizew110.0 mm x h284.0 mm x d49.0 mm
Material/sWood (21gr) ; Sponge (9gr) ;

Packaging size and spec
Sizew170.0 mm x h343.0 mm x d50.0 mm
Weight12.0 g
Material/sPlastic (PVC) (12gr) ;

Ice lolly shaped body sponge, Includes stick, Re-usable

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Product code: NG 5300A