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Shadow of the Duck

Duck shadow shower curtain
Product code: NG 5309
What’s yellow, floats in the bath, and casts a menacing shadow? This Psycho inspired shower curtain brings a bit of ducky menace to any bath time, a shade of suspense to any shower and smile to anyone who sees it. Now who’s afraid to go back in the water?
Additional Information

Product size and spec
Size1,800.0 mm (w) x 1,800.0 mm (h) x 4.5 mm (d)
Weight373.0 g
Material/sPlastic (PP)(52) ; Fabric (Polyester) (321) ;

Packaging size and spec
Size230.0 mm (w) x 320.0 mm (h) x 25.0 mm (d)
Weight94.0 g
Material/sPaper & Card(60) ; Plastic Blister (PVC) (4) ; Plastic (PVC); (30) ;

Shower curtain, Duck-shadow design, Washable, Sold with Hooks

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Product code: NG 5309