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War On Error

Toy soldier erasers
Product code: M 16008
Born from the happy re-phrasing of one of the bleakest foreign policies ever, our War on Error erasers are rubbery reminders that everyone makes mistakes. Citizens everywhere can relax knowing there is a squad of six tiny green GI’s ready to wipe out any trace of pesky punctuation problems populating your paperwork.
Additional Information

Product size and spec
Size36.3 mm (w) x 50.8 mm (h) x 18.8 mm (d)
Weight54.0 g
Material/sRubber(54) ;

Packaging size and spec
Size148.0 mm (w) x 210.0 mm (h) x 23.5 mm (d)
Weight17.0 g
Material/sPaper & Card(13) ; Plastic Blister (PVC) (4) ;

Toy soldier shaped erasers; Pack of 6; Assorted poses;

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Product code: M 16008