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Ironing Man

Ironing board cover
Product code: M 15008-Config
Not many domestic chores evoke more political debate and cause more arguments than ironing. So it’s dangerous to even write this without taking sides. We will remain neutral and simply say that if you know someone (non-gender specific) who could iron more often, or you are someone who would like to take control of this task and smooth out relations with a certain someone; then our step-by-step instruction printed ironing board is for you. It tells you exactly where to place shirts and trousers to get the best results, increasing the peace in the home and making you look better too!

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Additional Information
Specification - Medium

Product size and spec
Size38.0 mm (w) x 122.0 mm (h) x 4.0 mm (d)
Weight119.0 g
Material/sFabric (Cotton)() ; Fabric (Latex) () ; Plastic; () ;

Packaging size and spec
Size230.0 mm (w) x 520.0 mm (h) x 30.0 mm (d)
Weight32.0 g
Material/sPaper & Card(18) ; Polybag (8) ; Plastic; (6) ;

One size fits all Step-by-step ironing guide Perfect for collars, cuffs, sleeves Clear plastic packaging

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Product code: M 15008-Config