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Bright Idea

USB powered light bulb
Product code: M 11001
It's light, but not as we know it. We've taken everything we can away from luminescence and come up with something simple and charming. Bright Idea is a USB laptop light without a switch, a lampshade, legs, or fuss - simply a bulb on an articulating arm, which glows when connected to your laptop.
It illuminates the keyboard with the kind of functional light you crave during those late-night projects. Also works a charm with powered USB hubs.
Additional Information

Product size and spec
Sizew64.6 mm x h410.0 mm x d64.6 mm
Material/sPlastic (PP) (23gr) ; Metal (Aluminium Alloy) (0.5gr) ; Metal (Stainless Steel); (2.8gr) ; Metal (Iron Weight); (28gr) ; Plastic (ABS); (1gr) ; Plastic (PVC); (4.8gr) ; Electrical Components; (0.9gr);

Packaging size and spec
Sizew115.0 mm x h68.8 mm x d212.0 mm
Material/sPaper & Card Packaging (30gr) ; Plastic Blister (PETE) (28gr) ;

USB powered bulb, Glows in the dark when not powered, Flexible adjustable arm, Soft blue light

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Product code: M 11001