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Brain Erasers

Brain shaped eraser (7 in a jar)
Product code: M16078
Mistakes are going to happen, even the smartest people will tell you that. Not to worry though, we've been putting our brains to work on the best possible way to get rid of them here at Mustard, and you know what I think we've cracked it. Yes, Brain Erasers. Seven hefty brains ready to say goodbye to your errors.
Additional Information

Product size and spec
Sizew32 x h24 x d40
Material/sErasers (232gr) ;

Packaging size and spec
Sizew65 x h100 x d65
Material/sPlastic (Body Jar) (20gr) ; Plsatic (Cap Jar) (5gr) ; Label; (0gr) ;

7 Brain Erasers, Comes in Bespoke Jar, Can be used as Pencil Topper Erasers

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Product code: M16078
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