Father's Day is a tricky day to get right at the best of times, particularly if your searching for your first father's day gift ideas - just what do you go with? It can't be socks again surely.  Well, here at Mustard, we've put together a list of Father's Day gifts ideas that are probably best staying just that; ideas.

1. Novelty Ties


Novelty ties are all well and good if your Dad wants to get laughed out of every meeting that he goes to. Just so you know, this is exactly the type of tie Dad will pretend to like and then, once he's at work, he'll sigh to his colleagues and say 'Father's Day'. So if you're after father's day gift ideas that will genuinely make him smile, and not in a fake way, it's probably best to leave the novelty ties well alone. Shall we see what's next...

2. Anything that says 'World's Greatest Dad' on it

Do you know how many Dad's sit around with World's Greatest Dad mugs on their desk? Literally millions (well, to be fair we don't actually know that but we're guessing it's literally millions). Anyway, what do you think is the possibility that all of those millions of Dad's are the 'World's Greatest Dad', we'd say those chances were pretty remote wouldn't you - so even if you're looking for inexpensive father's day gift ideas, you should probably stick to something a little bit more creative. If you're struggling for some genuinely good Father's Day gift ideas by the way, well, we've put some together for you here. OK - on to the next one...

3. Personal Hygeine Products

Nothing quite says Dad I love you in the same way that a nasal hair trimmer does - it's just something that Dad should probably buy on his own rather than receiving for Father's Day. In-fact, all personal hygeine products are probably not the best idea - I mean as nice as it is, how much fun is Dad really going to get from a luxury bar of soap? We say there's much better Father's Day gift ideas out there - so if you're thinking that your Dad's nasal hairs could do with a bit of a trim, perhaps take him to one side and tell him, don't make him unwrap a trimmer on Father's Day.

4. Breakfast in Bed


Whether it's Father's Day gift ideas from kids, homemade father's day gift ideas or you're just searching for some general inspiration - please do not resort to Breakfast in Bed. As lovely as it might be, you may as well say 'Sorry Dad, I forgot it was Father's Day so I nipped out to Tesco Express to get you some croissants and a carton of orange juice with no pulp. I know you like pulp but they didn't have any with pulp left, also I got a sorry looking flower and stuck it in a glass for you because, despite the fact you have never shown any interest in flowers before, I saw a picture on the internet of Breakfast in Bed and it looked like this. Oh, sorry there's no toast, I burnt it.' 

5. Tyre Bowl

Hey Dad I know you like cars, so guess what, I got you a bowl that looks like a tyre. Yes, Tyre Bowl is inexplicably a thing. So if you want Dad to imagine he's living life in the fast lane whilst he's munching on Coco Pops infront of the Antiques Roadshow, then why not get him this incredibly ugly tyre inspired bowl. If nothing else it's a guaranteed talking point, 'when did you get that bowl?' 'Father's Day' 'Oh' 'Yeah, it's like a tyre' 'Yeah I saw that' - see, endless fun.

6. Pigs in a Blanket Maker

Just because they're Dad's favourite part of Christmas dinner it doesn't mean he wants a dedicated Pigs in Blanket maker. I mean seriously, how many times is he actually going to use this? I'll tell you: Once. On Father's Day, and that's only because you make him use it. So whatever you do, don't let your search get for Father's Day gift ideas get so desperate that you find yourself genuinely considering buying this. If you're after some much better inspiration, we've put together a proper Father's Day gift guide here

7. Dad Aprons


Oh look it's so funny isn't it! Dad doesn't cook much and when he does it's usually a disaster - let's get him an apron that makes fun of that. Actually, here's another idea, don't get him an apron, because it's pretty much guaranteed to be completely naff isn't it - in-fact we're pretty sure that it will almost certainly be awful. You know you can do better...

8. Tools

OK - so you're Dad might love DIY, in which case he's probably got a much better set of tools than the one you're planning on getting him. You might be thinking to yourself, 'of course, tools, Dad loves tools, that's a great Father's Day gift idea' but you can pretty much bet that you'll get the wrong ones of ones he already has or maybe, just maybe, he doesn't want to reminded about all the DIY that needs doing around the house on the one day of the year he's supposed to have off. 

9. Cufflinks

A staple of the dodgy father's day gift idea - does Dad really want a set of cufflinks? Almost certainly not, come to think of it - does anyone really want a set of cufflinks? Unless your Dad is president of the cufflink appreciation society, he's probably going to be thoroughly underwhelmed by a set. They scream 'I didn't know what else to get you' so, this Father's Day, why not think of something a little less predictable and steer well clear of the cufflinks.

10. Stuffed Animal

You might think it looks really cute but when it comes to terrible Father's Day gift ideas the stuffed animal is definitely up there. What's Dad going to do with it? I tell you what he's going to do with it, he's going to take one look at it, smile, put it down and never mention it again. It'll just stay there, around the house looking almost apologetic about its own prescence. So, this Father's Day, please, please for the sake of avoiding awkwarness, avoid the stuffed animal at all costs.