So, you're leaving home for the first time... Here are 5 things we think every student needs!

Wild Dining plates Wild Dining
At least one of your plates will go missing by the end of the year. Why? Because they look like everyone else’s! Our party animals have marked their territory... they’re not going anywhere.
Toxic Laundry 2. Toxic Laundry
So you haven’t had a chance to do your laundry yet, your room now looks like it’s been ransacked and you have friends coming over. Cue Toxic Laundry.
Heat'n'Eat popcorn maker 4. Heat’n’Eat
When you’re not studying, partying or sleeping, you’re likely to be watching a movie or two. Don’t worry about popcorn. The Heat’n’Eat has you covered.
5. Hot Cookie
If you’re having a late night study session you’ll probably have to watch cup after cup of coffee go cold. Plug in a Hot Cookie and you’ll be sorted for the night.