Ice cream lover? Sure, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate usually hit the spot but sometime you want something just that little bit different... Grab a Shake’n’Make and give these very weird but surprisingly tasty recipes a try!!

Garlic ice cream
1. Garlic Ice Cream
Try one bite of this savoury garlic ice cream with mashed potatoes, steamed green beans  or the crispy crust of a grilled steak - we guarantee it will send your tastebuds swooning for more!
Curry, mango and pistachio ice cream
2. Curry, Mango & Pistachio  Ice Cream
This ice cream is exotic, sweet and subtly spicy. Interesting enough to keep your tastebuds dancing right through to the bottom of the bowl!
Sweetcorn ice cream
3. Sweetcorn Ice Cream
Everyone loves sweetcorn and ice cream in the summer. Here's a recipe for sweetcorn ice cream that combines the two!
Wasabi ice cream
4. Wasabi Ice Cream
This is gonna be a must-try for all sushi lovers out there! Cool and "hot" at the same time, it's a popular flavour in Japan. And we're huge fans too!
Candied bacon ice cream
5. Candied Bacon Ice Cream
It's hard to find someone who doesn't like bacon&eggs, so why confine them to breakfast? You really have to try this, it sounds just absolutely Baconlicious!
Black sesame ice cream
6. Black Sesame Ice Cream
Craving a sweet but nutty ice cream? Try this simple recipe for black sesame ice cream, a favourite at Japanese restaurants.
Mustard ice cream
7. Mustard Ice Cream
>Last but not least, our favourite recipe, Mustard Ice cream! Unique in its flavour, this is the ultimate ice cream for us!

Don't have our Shake'n'Make yet? No worries, grab it here and have loads of fun trying out these crazy ice cream flavours!

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