Popcorn addicted? Whether you like them salty or sweet, we have hunted the web to find some of the most delicious popcorn recipes to spice up your movie night.
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1. Margarita Popcorn
Buttery popcorn with a Tex-Mex twist of cilantro, lime and salt. As good as a Margarita, but without the alcohol!
white chocolate M&M’s popcorn 2. White Chocolate and M&M’s popcorn
Get creative and use your favourite M&M’s to make this utterly delicious and colourful White Chocolate M&M’s Popcorn!
Apple caramel popcorn 3. Caramel Apple Popcorn
Fall is around the corner, and it means that anything with apples is more than welcomed, like this Apple Caramel Popcorn!
oreo and cream popcorn 4. Oreo & Cream Popcorn
If you are an Oreo fan, you’re simply gonna fall in love with this Oreo & Cream Popcorn.
Bacon popcorn 5. Bacon Popcorn
We all know bacon makes anything just taste way more better, so why not add some into your popcorn?

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