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Oh My! We've been featured on...

Amazing news!

We're super excited to have our Roller Tape  featured on...

WIN A Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway


Celebrate this Halloween with our bundle of Mustard scary fun gadgets!



Oh My! We've been featured on...

Awesome News!

We're super excited to see that our Fridge Box and Photobox have just been featured on...

5 Awesome Popcorn recipes for a cozy middle-of-the-week Movie Night

Popcorn addicted? Whether you like them salty or sweet, we have hunted the web to find some of the most delicious popcorn recipes to try with your Heat 'n' Eat ...

7 Super Weird Ice Cream Recipes You've Gotta Try With Your Shake'n'Make

Ice cream lover? Sure, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate usually hit the spot but sometime you want something just that little bit different...

5 Things You Need to Survive the First Year at Uni

So, you're leaving home for the first time... Here are 5 things we think every student needs!

We had our cake and ate it too!

We’ve had a lot of recipe requests for the I Heart Cake mould. Here’s a tried and tested recipe for a simple yet tasty sponge cake. 

Party animals

Party animals

The moment our Wild Dining bunch realised they hadn't made the guest list...

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