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Bad Egg

The egg cup with attitude
Product code: NG 5321
Go on punk, make my breakfast. This eggcup’s got attitude and then some - it knows its free-range from barn-reared and no jumped-up, spoon-waving son of a chicken is going to tell it any different. You think you’re gonna split this guys shell? You and whose soldiers?
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Additional Information
Food grade Wash before use This is not a toy

Product size and spec
Size48.7 mm (w) x 63.1 mm (h) x 52.0 mm (d)
Weight16.0 g
Material/sPlastic (PP)(16) ;

Packaging size and spec
Size50.0 mm (w) x 136.0 mm (h) x 51.0 mm (d)
Weight20.0 g
Material/sPaper & Card(7) ; Plastic Blister (PETE) (13) ;
Plastic egg cup,
Face design,
Comes with fake egg

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Product code: NG 5321