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About Us

At Mustard, we believe our products speak for themselves, that looking around the web site, and soaking up all the creative niceness is the best way to understand our attitude towards our work. We also believe that would make for a rubbish About page.

Mustard’s work is fun, and it shows in our product range, which is an eclectic mix of gifts, licensed brands, and home accessories. Our motto is ‘live happy’ and by bringing our own charming style to everything from highlighter pens to shower curtains we hope to help everyone enjoy every day!

All this living happy makes the team at Mustard a creative little bunch, working from their HQ in London, with offices in Paris and New York, they are constantly mining at the coalface of design-led gifts. Searching for those nuggets of ideas that can be sifted and refined into classic Mustard products, and then presented - our gifts to the world.

We instil so much imagination and personality into each line that they say more about us than we can, and that the best way to learn about our work is to take a look around, and make your own mind up as to what Mustard means to you.